“Osteotomies around the knee joint” course

On July 30-31 we had the pleasure of co-participating in a course using unfixed human specimens in the topic “Osteotomies around the knee joint”.

We would like to thank very much the scientific director Dr. Maciej Karaczun, MD, and the lecturers for the vast amount of knowledge imparted, we thank the students for their involvement, Guardian Clinic and POZNAŃ LAB Institute of Practical Medicine for organizing the meeting.

The Newclip Technics Activemotion S system is a versatile osteotomy solution. The system has plates for the tibia and thigh, for opening and closing osteotomy. A new development is the disposable Hinge Initial Kit for insertion of the Hinge Initial locking screw.

We are pleased that constant cooperation with experts and monitoring of industry developments allows us to select the highest quality products.