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Our mission is to deliver the best medical solutions tailored to the client’s needs in technical and economic terms.


Our many years’ experience enabled us to build a unique business structure which contributed to our recognition in the Polish medical market and sets new standards of service for individual customers and large medical centres alike.


At our firm, we focus on ensuring the right motivation and comfort for our employees, which then has a significant impact on the high level of our services.


Our clients’ trust is of utmost importance to us. Their satisfaction drives us to keep growing and improving our product range to include innovative solutions made by renowned manufacturers.

Our team is inspired by a motto coined by Professor Władysław Grzeszczyk: „It’s not what we know, but what we want to know – that is a measure of our wisdom”. It motivates us to keep looking for innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies serving the good and safety of patients and their physicians. Thanks to our many years’ experience in collaborating with experts from around the world, we offer only top-class medical products in Poland. When selecting our portfolio, we rely on published treatment outcomes with the use of our implants.

Synergy of knowledge, experience and technology is our path to the top.

MediWay Team



Newclip is the French manufacturer of high tibial osteotomy (HTO) and distal femoral osteotomy (DFO) systems.

orthospace 3

Orthospace makes the biodegradable InSpace spacer implanted into the subacromial space of the shoulder.


Nuvasive is the manufacturer of the PRECISE system – intramedullary nails used for limb lengthening.

fxsolution 1

The FX Solutions specialization is shoulder surgery. In cooperation with the medical community, FX Soultions engineers responded to the needs of orthopedic surgeons expecting the best implantological solutions applicable to the treatment of shoulder injuries and degradative pathologies.


Gruppo Bioimpianti makes the K-MOD system for primary knee joint arthroplasty. 

sibone logotyp 1

SI-Bone patented its innovative triangular-shaped implant, which ensures minimally invasive, durable and immediate stabilisation of the sacroiliac joint.

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Smart Correction is designed for the treatment of open and closed fractures, lengthening of the limbs. Advanced material technology creates a strong but light frame, increased patient comfort and MRI compatibility.


  • 20-21.10.2017
  • 14-16.09.2017

    We encourage you to attend the 4th Joint Preservation Congress.

  • 09-11.03.2017

    We had the pleasure of participating in the 13th Głuchołazy Arthroscopic Workshops, where a surgical demonstration of InSpace balloon implantation was given in front of 50 physicians – members of the Polish Shoulder and Elbow Society.
    The procedure was conducted by dr hab. n. med. Przemyslaw Lubiatowski and dr Sławomir Struzik.

  • 20.02.2017

    We have established cooperation with NuVasive – manufacturer of the PRECISE intramedullary nails used for limb lengthening.

  • 24-26.09.2016
  • 08.08.2016

    Mediway starts cooperation with Newclip Technics, manufacturer of the tibial osteotomy system.

  • 04.11.2015

    A procedure using the InSpace implant at the Mazowiecki Szpital Bródnowski in Warsaw.

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  • 10-12.09.2015

    Orthopaedic Autumn 2015. GNIEW.

    We encourage you to attend.

  • 23-25.01.2015

    Symposium on Peritrochanteric Fractures. BIAŁOWIEŻA.

    We encourage you to attend the Symposium.

  • 03.11.2014

    Mediway becomes the exclusive representative of Orthospace.

  • 17-21.09.2014
  • 30.06.2014

    We started cooperating with the ItalianGruppo Bioimpianti.

  • 24-26.04.2014


    We encourage you to attend the Conference and visit our stand.

  • 06-08.03.2014


    3rd Symposium of the Shoulder and Elbow Surgery Section, PTOiTr POZNAŃ

    We encourage you to meet us and learn about our offer.

  • 21-23.02.2014


    At our special invitation, Professor Stephan Becker – Orthopedic Surgeon Wien will deliver a lecture.
    The subject will be: “The SI – joint, an important cause for back pain, diagnosis and treatment”.

    We encourage you to come and meet us at our stand.

  • 18.12.2013

    We have signed an exclusive distribution contract for the iFuse Implant System in Poland with its Italian manufacturer SI-BONE.

    SI-BONE is the world leader in minimally invasive sacroiliac joint stabilisation technique with the use of the innovative iFuse implant system.

  • 15.10.2013

    Our company becomes the exclusive representative of Graftys products in Poland. Graftys as a manufacturer of cutting-edge solutions in bone tissue engineering, ensures the high quality of its patented resorbable bone substitutes. Graftys’ experience is supported by medical publications and ongoing research projects.


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